Bolding, Denmark



Latitude: 55.4959730, Longitude: 9.4730519


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOLDING, Ane Magdalene  1843Bolding, Denmark I1382
2 BOLDING, Jens Jessen  1848Bolding, Denmark I1385
3 BOLDING, Jens K. Jessen  1854Bolding, Denmark I1389
4 BOLDING, Johanne Jessen  1847Bolding, Denmark I1384
5 BOLDING, Jorgen Jessen  1845Bolding, Denmark I1383
6 BOLDING, Kjersten M. Jessen  1852Bolding, Denmark I1388
7 BOLDING, Kristian Jessen  1850Bolding, Denmark I1386
8 BOLDING, Kristiane Jessen  1862Bolding, Denmark I1391
9 BOLDING, Mads Peder  12 Jun 1870Bolding, Denmark I1493
10 BOLDING, Marins Jessen  1858Bolding, Denmark I1390
11 BOLDING, Peder Kristian  11 Sep 1872Bolding, Denmark I1494
12 JORGENSEN, Else  1817Bolding, Denmark I1338
13 JORGENSEN, Jens  1807Bolding, Denmark I1335
14 JORGENSEN, Jess Nybov  12 Jun 1809Bolding, Denmark I1336
15 JORGENSEN, Kristiane  1821Bolding, Denmark I1339
16 JORGENSEN, Lauritz  28 Apr 1801Bolding, Denmark I1333
17 JORGENSEN, Peder Kristian  7 Mar 1804Bolding, Denmark I1334
18 JORGENSEN, Soren  1798Bolding, Denmark I1330
19 JORGENSEN, Susanne  5 Feb 1818Bolding, Denmark I1188
20 KRESTENSEN, Susanne  Bolding, Denmark I1314
21 LAURITZEN, Ane Kristine  Bolding, Denmark I1325
22 LAURITZEN, Hans  Bolding, Denmark I1319
23 LAURITZEN, Jeppe  Bolding, Denmark I1321
24 LAURITZEN, Jorgen  1765Bolding, Denmark I1318
25 LAURITZEN, Kristian  Bolding, Denmark I1315
26 LAURITZEN, Ole  Bolding, Denmark I1324
27 LAURITZEN, Peder  Bolding, Denmark I1316
28 LAURITZEN, Susanne  Bolding, Denmark I1327
29 LAURITZEN, Tobias  Bolding, Denmark I1320
30 MADSEN, Mette Marie  Bolding, Denmark I1492
31 NIELSEN, Kjestine  2 Jan 1880Bolding, Denmark I1541
32 NIELSEN, Niels Jensen  27 Aug 1878Bolding, Denmark I1540


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOLDING, Kjersten M. Jessen  25 Sep 1881Bolding, Denmark I1388
2 BOLDING, Kristiane Jessen  Bolding, Denmark I1391
3 BOLDING, Marins Jessen  Bolding, Denmark I1390
4 JENSEN, Kjersten  Bolding, Denmark I1381
5 JORGENSEN, Jens  1813Bolding, Denmark I1335
6 JORGENSEN, Jess Nybov  4 Feb 1865Bolding, Denmark I1336
7 JORGENSEN, Kristiane  1837Bolding, Denmark I1339
8 KNUDSEM, Else Skovby  Bolding, Denmark I1328
9 KRESTENSEN, Susanne  Bolding, Denmark I1314
10 LAURITZEN, Jorgen  1840Bolding, Denmark I1318
11 LAURITZEN, Kristian  Bolding, Denmark I1315
12 NIELSEN, Lambert  18 May 1883Bolding, Denmark I1539
13 OLESEN, Else  Bolding, Denmark I1323
14 PEDERSEN, Lauritz  1820Bolding, Denmark I1313
15 SORENSEN, Ane Magdalene  1843Bolding, Denmark I1329
16 VAGNER, Widow Hylleborg M.K.  Bolding, Denmark I1372
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